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אישה מסתכלת דרך טלסקופ

ExactShe (Meduyakot)
A community of women in exact sciences and engineering
Tel Aviv University
With the support of the Rapaport Foundation

A mentorship program for female students in the exact sciences and engineering faculties of all degrees that aims to promote women in the faculties, create a supportive community, and connect with role models.

About the program

As part of the Ruth Rappaport "ExactShe" (Meduyakot) mentoring program, we aim to strengthen and promote women in exact sciences and engineering.

We are working, together with female researchers and students like you, to create a supportive community, which will allow you to reach your full potential, develop and integrate into research and industry.

The program includes joint meetings and enriching workshops of both faculties and of each school separately, which will give you tools that will help you further in your academic journey. Most of the meetings are mentorship meetings, which are carried out in small groups which allow the transfer of knowledge and experience from the mentorship to the mentees and between the mentees themselves while building a supportive relationship and friendship.

Are you a student for an advanced degree? The program can be an opportunity to not only receive but also give and pass on the knowledge, understanding, and abilities you have gained as a mentor! Mentors will receive an annual scholarship of 2000 NIS.

While the program is primarily intended for the participation and advancement of women, we would be happy to welcome and involve in the program faculty members and students of all genders who wish to contribute to this important cause.

נשים במעבדה
על הפרויקט

Who are we?

The Ruth Rappaport "ExactShe" (Meduyakot) program is being developed under the guidance of Prof. Tova Milo, the dean of the faculty of exact sciences at Tel Aviv University. Graduate students in the faculties establish the mentoring project.

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